We invite all entertainment centers, schools, daycares, cafes and restaurants to cooperation. Such party for clients will be a great boost for your image and business. On one hand, you will attract new customers and retain existing ones, on the other hand, you will get guaranteed profit markup.

We are ready to discuss cooperation options individually, taking into account all features of your facility, hear your preferences. Our professional team guarantees high class organization of bubble shows for your precious customers.

Magical whirling of transparent bubbles will fill the world around you with illusions.

Childhood memories embodied in an incredible magical spectacle! And for kids at the party it could be the first time when they see this wonderful bubble show.

Just imagine: huge, colorful, weightless bubbles, which anyone can get inside of! Having captured themselves inside a huge bubble in photos, your customers will be able to show them to their friends and enthusiastically tell about the amazing show that they witnessed!